Here are the albums that i contributed including my solo album.

Bora Kucukyilmaz-Yalnızlık Adam Olmus

My first album was published by record company Esen Muzik in 2010 April. You can listen to me as a singer, bass player, lyricist, song writer and arranger in the album. Produced, recorded, mixed&mastered by Levent Buyuk in Studio18(www.studyo18.com) Here you can check my two official videos and you can check my album in amazon by simply clickin this link: Bora Kucukyilmaz-Yalnızlık Adam Olmus on Amazon .


Hakan Akay – Olması Gereken Gibi

Hakan Akay’s debut album “Olması Gereken Gibi” was published in april 2012. Which i arranged all of the 9 tracks and played the electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and write and programmed the drum tracks. Produced, recorded, mixed&mastered by Levent Buyuk in Studio18(www.studyo18.com). Here you can listen to his first single and video clip which i also act as a bass player in the video. You can also check out other tracks, videos, news and buy his album from his website. Amazon link for the album.



Bala Atabek – Canavarlar

Mixed-Mastered and produced by me. I arrange the song and all the instruments except drums are played and recorded by me.


Persona – Once

This is one of the unique progressive work that is done in Turkey. I arranged all of the songs in the album. I also played and programmed all the instruments. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered  by Levent Buyuk in Studio18(www.studyo18.com)


Bulut Bazen

All the songs arranged by me, guitars and bass played and recorded by me. Mixed and produced by Cagan Tunali at Noiseist. www.noiseist.com 


Adrenalin-Canım İsterse

I contributed in Adrenalin’s debut album Canım İsterse as a bass guitar and a moog player. Produced, recorded, mixed&mastered by Levent Buyuk in Studio18(www.studyo18.com) You can watch their videos and listen to their samples from their official site… http://www.adrenalinmuzik.com/ and Amazon link for the album.

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