I have been working as a musician in Istanbul, Turkey since 2008. During this time, I have contributed to the indie rock and pop rock music industries as an arranger, composer and musician. I also released my debut album in 2010. Currently, I work as an arranger and composer in one of Turkey’s most well-known studios, Studio 18 and giving concerts with my own band or joining gigs and tours with several bands and artists. Meanwhile, i do a lot of freelance jobs for the game industry, motion picture, editing and sound design.

Finally a proper portfolio;

After several years in my music career, i finally prepared a proper portfolio in order to share with my colleagues, customers, employees or just with people I knew in order for them to see what I did until this day for music and sound. And it was a great experience for me to go into my archives and pull out this tracks and see how I progressed through the years.

As a visitor to this site, i would like everyone to respect the legal and moral rights of the songs and artists which are included in this portfolio. And I would like to thank everyone who is responsible for these music and sounds come to life.

Hope you enjoy the melodies…

and feel free to contact me …


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